First day back, and I’ve spent 11 hours straight at UTEP. I’ve officially tried all the seating the university has to offer. πŸ”ͺ (at UTEP Chemistry & Computer Science)

We took a walk. πŸŒ„πŸƒπŸ›


when a casual conversation with your parents turns into a lectureimage



whats the coolest answer to a multiple choice question?


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Chemistry more like cheMYSTERY because i have no idea what’s going on


lollipops are so weird youre literally swallowing your own flavored saliva

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Let’s roll. 🌸

Church and Croque Monsieur. I love Sundays. ✨ (at La Madeleine Country French Cafe)

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Treat yo’ self. πŸ’Έ

People don’t judge you for eating dinner alone if you’re having a cocktail. Pictured: Sparkling SakΓ© Sangria. (at Kona Grill - El Paso)

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